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What We Believe

Most basic is our commitment to the historic Christian faith as taught uniquely and fully in the Bible. We gladly confess our faith in the Bible as God's inspired and infallible Word. It is the guide to our church's whole life, and a large part of our worship is devoted to the preaching of its message. At the heart of everything is our faith in Jesus Christ, true God and true man, the only Saviour. He died as a sacrifice for sin, he rose from the dead, rules over all, works in us by his Word and Spirit, and will come again in judgement. The Church exists to tell the world this good news about Jesus.

We express this faith in the historic statements of Christianity - the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed - and it is summarised in our doctrinal standard the Westminster Confession of Faith. Our children learn the Christian faith with the help of the Shorter Catechism.

Presbyterians have a tradition of 350 years in England; a tradition that works at always being relevant to contemporary life. We believe that Christianity is built on absolute facts and moral absolutes, but we recognise that this faith has to be applied to the constantly changing situations in which we live.

Cobham Presbyterian Church belongs to that worldwide family of churches which are known as Presbyterian, or Reformed. This indicates that our churches are governed by ministers and elders meeting together to pastor the members. Wider issues between the churches are dealt with by presbyteries at which each church is represented and no individual has more power than another.

Cobham Presbyterian Church is the Surrey congregation of the Free Church of Scotland, an evangelical denomination which has existed since 1843. The Free Church has more than a hundred churches in Scotland, supports missionary work at home and throughout the world, and is in fellowship with many other evangelical and reformed churches. It has a Theological College in Edinburgh, and organises many conferences and youth camps each year.

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